Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sanjay Gupta 'Shocked' When Doctors Left Him Alone In Haiti Clinic Overnight...


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via The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com by The Huffington Post News Editors on 1/19/10

CNN chief medical correspondent, and actual doctor, Sanjay Gupta told Joy Behar that he was "shocked" when doctors and nurses walked away from a field clinic in Haiti last Friday night over security concerns, leaving Gupta as the only doctor left to make sure the patients, some badly wounded, made it through the night.

As Gupta watched doctors pack up some of their supplies and walk away from the clinic he "looked at my crew and I said, 'I'm gonna stay. You decide what you want to do.' And the whole crew, we decided to stay and take of these patients throughout the night."

When asked if these doctors had left completely of their own volition, Gupta said he thought they were most likely ordered to leave: "I really don't think they wanted to go."

The next day one of the doctors who came back told Gupta that he was ashamed.


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