Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Briefing Skipper: Hillary Clinton headed to Haiti


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via The Cable by Josh Rogin on 1/15/10

In which we scour the transcript of the State Department's daily presser so you don't have to. Here are the highlights of Friday's briefing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

  • Clinton will travel to Haiti with USAID administrator Rajiv Shah Saturday to meet with President Preval, other members of the Haitian government, and leaders of the U.S. government team on the ground
  • "We will also be conveying very       directly and personally to the Haitian people our long-term, unwavering support, solidarity and sympathies, to reinforce President Obama's message yesterday that they are not facing this crisis alone," she said.
  • Clinton will be taking in some supplies and people to leave there and returning with some people who want to be evacuated, she said.
  • She has spoken with a number of foreign ministers and all have pledged to help. There will probably be an international donors conference, organized by the UN, but "We have to get through this first initial period," she said.
  • Clinton expressed appreciation that Cuba decided to open up its airspace to allow relief flights to cross their territory.
  • As part of her effort not to use up relief assets, she won't be leaving the airport area. The Haitains signed a memorandum of understanding granting the U.S. control of the airport area for the time being.           
  • State has raised over $10 million from over $1 million separate donors through its SMS texting Haiti relief campaign. "Please keep texting "HAITI," H-A-I-T-I to 90999, where $10 will be charged to your cellphone," she said.
  • Americans can search for information on family and friends in Haiti by using the new people finder at



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