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Fwd: Multifaith Action: Response to Haiti Tragedy

Zeeshan Suhail
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A message to all members of bridge-builders

Dear Bridge-builders,

Official casualty reports are still unknown, but by all accounts the earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday, January 12 has leveled one of the most densely-populated regions of the country. The disaster was described by local officials as a "catastrophe of major proportions." Faith-based and disaster relief organizations around the globe are quickly mobilizing to provide immediate assistance to address the devastating aftermath of the quake.

How You Can Help
• Donations to American Jewish World Service's "Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund" will enable AJWS's network of grantees in Haiti to meet the pressing needs of the population based on real-time, on-the-ground assessments;
Catholic Relief Services is also organizing its office in Haiti, and has announced an appeal for donations to deal with the chaos;
Islamic Relief has launched an appeal for £1 million to respond to the disaster;
Oxfam America, which has launched an immediate appeal is seeking donations, as they prepare to rush teams from around the region to help provide clean water, emergency shelter, and sanitation;
Doctors Without Borders teams, who were already working on medical projects Haiti, have treated hundreds of people injured in the quake despite the destruction of medial centers and hospitals;
Direct Relief International is responding to the disaster by sending emergency medical supplies to all their local partners;
CARE is mobilizing donors to help send immediate supplies and aid down to the country;
AmeriCares is taking donations to help get emergency medical supplies down to Haiti, and has agreed to pledge upwards of $5 million in order to help with the chaos.

Take Action
Organize a fundraising event to help the Haiti victims. Reach out to your campus religious groups, to Greek life, service organizations, student government, and offer to help coordinate an interfaith campus/community-wide event in response to this disaster. For more information on how to organize interfaith events, download resources or purchase your copy of the Interfaith Leader's Toolkit.


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